Empty Filament Spool & Scrap Wood Wagon

Wagon design render

It is almost consistently warm enough in Chicago to continue with the solar oven trials. Thinking about last year’s trials, I realized that the solar oven peformed best during the first day on the ground in the park. It makes sense to return to the park this year. A means of transporting the oven to the park is needed. Since I had four empty filament spools and remembering Chuck’s Spool racer, my thoughts went toward making a wagon. I have a hand truck that converts to a 4-wheel platform cart, but it’s not something I would want to push to a park. A wagon could be the best transport for the oven, I thought and set about searching for methods of making a wagon. I found a video on the Popular Mechanics YouTube channel that provided the best information for the type of wagon I intended to make.

One of the objectives of making a wagon was not to buy any wood. I had enough wood remaining from past projects that I felt was enough for this project and I wanted to use as much of it as possible. Chuck’s video helped me realize that something I thought was super complicated could be easily made. It gave me the incentive to look further into simple mechanics. After watching the Popular Mechanics video, I began forming a plan for the solar oven wagon. I followed the formative plan, designing 3d printable parts when needed. The photographs below show stages in the development of the wagon. An animated video may be forthcoming.

This is scrap Columbia Forest Products 1/2″ Oak plywood leftover from my second enclosure project. The long piece measures 12′ x 24″. The short piece is 6″ x 14″.

I put this on the edge of the spools to protect it and for smoother rolling. However, I made gaps while connecting the ends. Trying to remedy the gaps will interfere with smooth rolling. If I am unable to come up with a solution by June, I will remove the trim.

I mounted the spool wheels to the center board. I could have mounted the back spool wheels directly to the board. I wanted the front and back wheels to be level, so I decided not to do that. I can always change it later if it proves to be a bad choice.

I designed a swivel brace for the handle. I changed the attachement brace after this photograph was taken, removing one side, to accomodate full-range turning.

The handle easily detaches from the swivel brace and can rest in this holder when the wagon is stored. The holder needs a little redesign as the opening sides should be lower and a center nail hole may be needed.

Files for the wheel assembly and swivel assembly are on Cults3d.

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