Desktop Printer 3D Printable Chair With Cushion – Chair Design Series, Part 6, Iteration 1

The first iteration of an entire chair is complete! Chair dimensions are 16″ L x 13″ D x 36″ H. All chair parts were printed on desktop printers CR10 mini and MK3s+; bed sizes – 12″ x 9″ and 11″ x 8″. The filaments used to print the chair were 3dPrintlife Pro PLA, PLA/PHA, and Dura Nylon. What follows are photos and a few notes.

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Can Vases Be Printed Watertight in Vase Mode?

In the “Dura: PLA based biodegradable Nylon Analog” blog post, I mentioned that I had not tried using the optimized bottom/ironing-enabled method with other filaments. Later, I performed tests on vases using three types of filaments; Dura Nylon PLA, Pro PLA by 3D Printlife, and PLA by Push Plastic. The definition of watertight for these tests is the vase holds water for more than 2 weeks without leaking. The results of my tests are that vase diameter, filament, the top fill pattern, and slicer are all factors in making watertight vase mode vases.

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Dura: PLA based biodegradable Nylon Analog

Dura Nylon colors

A couple of months ago, I received an email from 3D Printlife about Dura nylon. After reading the description, I thought it might work for making a cushioned shoe sole and for the chair cushion, so I ordered a spool. I was hoping it would make a softer cushion, where covering the top with cotton batting and fabric would not be required.

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Can A Solar Oven Melt Failed Prints?

A few posts in 3d printing Facebook groups have shown flat masses made by melting shredded failed prints and filament scraps. I do not want to melt PLA in my oven due to the fumes that would be generated, so I never tried, despite wanting to recycle prints instead of throwing them away. Having large, flat masses of filament would save me the trouble of printing shelves for the cabinets I plan to make. After a recent slew of failed prints for a coffee table project, my desire to convert them into shelving pieces increased.

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