Free Software & Slicers for Desktop FFF* Printers

*Fused filament fabrication

Modeling SoftwareSlicersCombinationSlicer/ Printer Mgmt
3D CrafterCura3D BuilderKlipper/fluidd
FreeCAD Repetier Host Idea MakerOctoPrint
Wings 3D
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Spool House

Sometimes, you end up doing something you didn’t know you had an interest in doing and you become obsessed with it. Such is my now near addiction to empty filament spools. I’m not at the point where I want to buy filament just to print models for empty spools, but I feel myself drawing close.

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Empty Filament Spool Ideas

What to do with empty filament spools? That question has been asked for some years now. I have seen it asked more frequently in Facebook printer groups during the past few months. The answer has not changed much over the years.

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