Empty Filament Spool Ideas

What to do with empty filament spools? That question has been asked for some years now. I have seen it asked more frequently in Facebook printer groups during the past few months. The answer has not changed much over the years.

Some filament providers have changed from using plastic to cardboard, but there are plenty who continue using plastic. Filamentive accepts returns of their 2.3 kg spools. Stratasys accepts returns of their spools as well. AzureFilm offers a reward of 1 kg for the return of their spools. Customers get 1kg of PETG for ten empty returned spools. If you live near New Zealand, your empty spools will be gladly accepted by a filament provider with the moniker “wingmaster” in the Reprap Forum. If these solutions do not help you, then read on for things you can make.

Out of the Ordinary

Note: Right click and choose “open image in new tab” to see larger versions of the renders.

Stackable 3D Filament Spool Garden by Twiesner

I had many ideas about renders for this model. Pinched for time, this was one I completed. I think this arrangement would work as well in a house garden as it would in public spaces.

Spool Racer by Chuck Hellebuyck

Chuck, of Filament Friday YouTube channel fame, made this racer four years ago. Yes, he did drive it around. He rebuild it three years ago. Video links – Rebuilding the Spool Racer using Empty 3D Printing Filament Spools, Spool Racer Coaster Car, 3D Printed Hubs and Empty Spool Wheels.

Filament Spool Clock by marigu

This clock has 2 neopixels inside. Marigu made a prototype video, promising to show the clock in action, but there was no clock movement in the video.

Spool recycling Jewels or stones carousel by 3D-MO

I think this model shows that a nice looking tray can be made from any filament spool with a little effort.

Turnable Paint Holder by mariuspeed

Beyond a paint holder, I see the beginning of a waterfall.

Stool Made with an Empty Spool by Imprenta3D

This stool was made for the inventor’s child. It would be nice to have compartments on the side and something on the top as a cushion.

Empty Spool Table by mrigsby

My thoughts for this table are to add compartments for increased function. LED lights taped to the center and covered similar to the lamp below would be exciting.

Filament Roll The One Ring Lamp by Norgaard87

Very good idea for making a lamp. I can see this also with a long stem.

Hinge Shade Lamp by cSandra

This is my entry for an Instructables’ contest. I liked the idea of turning a spool into a lamp so much after seeing Norgaard87’s model.

Filament Spool Spray Paint Turntable by WildRoseBuilds

The inventor wrote in his Youtube comment section that the filament spool he used was an old Hatchbox spool. He mentioned that Esun was the only brand he had seen recently that used similar spools.

Spool Tree House by Loaders

This could be the first house in a fantasy city. A group called Digital Taxidermy made structures from filament spools and their kickstarter campaign was funded; Spool Tower . Their Ye Olde Taxidermee Shoppee file is free, the rest must be purchased.

Spool Walls Tower Block Door by Tonybro001

Add this to a fantasy city group. A few of the buildings could look like this with variations. Miniature furniture could be inside.

Miniature Display by mysterme

Rugged-looking display for tough creatures.

Empty Spool Magnet Fishing Reel by Hammerdan8617

This looks like such a great idea. I would like to see the inventor fishing with this model.

Spool Extension Cord Winder by luckyx182

I had a difficult time finding words to describe this print. It is a simple cord winder, but the fact that luckyx182 created it on a desktop printer is amazing. I see it as a hallmark moment for desktop printing.

Lots of Compartment Holders

There are many models, yet they are different from each other. Intended contents played a role and how one prefers to pull an object seems to have contributed too.

Organizer Boxes +

Organizer Boxes Only

*The file for the stand is an OpenSCAD document. OpenSCAD is open source software. Here is a link for learning OpenScad – WikiBooks.

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