Fascinating Finials

I designed this finial and hook for my bedroom windows and along the way I fell in love with the color magenta. Somehow, during my life, I missed the fact that this color is between red and blue. I always thought of it as a pink and it isn’t. Pink is a whitened red. This fuchsine, fuchsia, or magenta has a cooling quality. I experienced it first hand as I had printed a finial in red initially and placed in on the rod. The red was too much of a bright but uninteresting color in that position. I felt the mix was perfect when I changed to magenta. It was colorful enough to demand attention, but did so in a relaxing way.

Models were made in Blender and Tinkercad. All parts were printed on a Creality 10s mini printer with colorFabb’s PLA/PHA magenta filament.

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