Cabinet Project, Part 2

cabinet blue green cropAs I looked at the renders of the TV stand, I found that I did not want to have the square wood dowels showing when the door is opened.  After making the small table using regular PLA filament, I thought PLA/PHA filament should be able to handle 25 pounds per shelf and a total of 100 pounds altogether as a piece of furniture. I need to test this before I put my television on top. The rendered photograph at the top shows the altered design for a cabinet. I will concentrate on making a TV stand after I have printed a couple of cabinets.

DSCN1887(1)I have already printed the bottom front part corner of the cabinet. I printed one center part, but one of the corners did not adhere to the build plate well and the part did not print properly. A second attempt at printing the part failed too when filament became jammed in the throat of the printer.

Something else I did not consider initially is that I really need mobile pieces. The cabinet must have wheels. I attached wheels to the bottom of the print with the misshapen corners and removed them. The 30% fill I used for the print was sufficient to hold the 1/2″ wood screws I used.DSCN1892

After thinking about the wheels overnight, I realized that they need to be closer to the corner as the doors are likely to cause the cabinet to fall forward. Consequently, I must make the bottom of the print thicker as I will have more substantial wheels than the ones I used for testing to support the cabinet permanently.  This means too that I must reprint the bottom front corner again. That’s okay though because I wanted to reduce the printing time anyway. It required 18 hours to print and I do not like to have my printer running while I’m sleeping.

I will post again after I have printed the entire bottom portion and attached the wheels.

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