3D Printer Enclosure Fan Assembly

This is fan assembly iteration 2. The first iteration can be seen in a prior post. I have been working on this assembly for months, trying to find a 120 mm fan that works (literally), is powerful enough to blow air through a HEPA filter, and has a connection for a power outlet. Most 120 mm fans have connections for computer interiors and require adapters for direct connection to power outlets. After ordering a few fans, I was finally able to connect a high speed pressure fan directly to an outlet using a 12V DC power supply with 4 pin Molex.

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DIY 3D Printer Enclosure Guide

Building Your Own Enclosure

Essential elements of an enclosure are filter assembly box and light. It is best to place the control box on the outside of the enclosure due to its propensity for overheating. An automatic fire stop device is useful if one tends to leave their printer unattended for long periods of time.

Post Pages

  1. Introduction, Filter Assembly Box, Filters
  2. Fans
  3. Smoke Alarm/Power Stop
  4. Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  5. Temperature Controllers
  6. Heaters
  7. Enclosure Material Options
  8. Alternative Filter Assemblies/Ventilation Unit
  9. Various DIY Enclosures
  10. My Enclosure

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3D Printer Enclosure

3D Printer Enclosure by Sandra James


Draft enclosure

I have been working on a printer enclosure for the past month. I decided last year that I needed an enclosure for my Reprap Guru Prusa i3 printer when I coughed a little during prints even though I was printing with non-toxic filament and my prints were curling at the corners. Since printing with the enclosure (and some other changes), my corners are no longer curling and I am not coughing. Other changes I made to deal with the curling were replacing a few bearings and two steel rods which I found had deep grooves along the length. I am pretty sure that I checked the rods before the enclosure decision. I may not have. The grooves were pretty deep on one of the rods, but it was causing just one corner to curl. Oh well. I have taken care of it all now. I can continue making the many parts for the cabinet project. Got to keep on moving.

3D Pinter Enclosure by Sandra James

Notes:  The air cleaner (on the upper, front, left of the enclosure) consists of a fan, hepa filter, and charcoal filter partially contained in printed boxes.  The LCD box is a work in progress. The files for the clip hook, lamp parts, and bin pull are on Thingiverse.  The electrical box on the outside of the enclosure is connected to the printer. The electrical box on the left side of the printer is there for balancing.