Pencil Case Triangle by Sotenck

Living Hinges

Living Hinges aren’t just for CNC work, they can be 3d printed as well. Stereolithography files of models designed with hinges have popped up on various online printing communities. Recently, I entered Instructables’ Lamps and Lighting contest with a project called Hinge Shade Empty Filament Spool Lamp. It features hinge pattern one from another Instructables … Continue reading Living Hinges

Photo credit: Mary

Free Software & Slicers for Desktop FFF* Printers

*Fused filament fabrication Modeling Software Slicers Combination Slicer & Printer Management Blender Cura 3D Builder OctoPrint BRL-CAD KISSlicer IceSL Printrun FreeCAD Repetier Host Idea Maker Klipper/fluidd OpenSCAD Slic3r Meshmixer Klipper/Mainsail Tinkercad PrusaSlicer Wings 3D MatterControl