3D Printer Enclosure Fan Assembly 3

This image shows the draft recirculating assembly in the back.

This is fan assembly iteration 3. It is similar to the first iteration with its compact size. It has a removable door like iteration 2. Unlike the other iterations, it is mounted on top of the enclosure. Initially, the plan was to have a recirculating filter, but after a few months of testing a draft version, that idea was dropped. Recirculating warm air increased the chamber temperature to a point where PLA models appeared to be melting a bit.

Fan Assembly Iteration 3
  • The connector was glued to the top.
  • The bottom box ring was glued to the filter box before gluing the connector through the enclosure top. There is a gap between the filter box and enclosure top of about 4 mm.
  • The fan box accommodates 120mm fans.
  • The filter box is sized for Zortrax HEPA and carbon filters.
  • The enclosure is 19″ x 24″ x 24″, 1/2″ plywood.
  • The enclosure door needs to be closed in order for the fan to exhaust properly.

The video below shows the thread test for the filter. Three pieces of sewing thread were taped to the wall of the enclosure. The middle thread was the most responsive to air movement after the fan was turned on.

Model files are available on Printables.

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