3D Printed Necklace & Earring Set

This necklace and earring set is my entry for Instructables Fashion Challenge contest. They were designed in Tinkercad, a free web application for 3d design. The set was printed using Prusament Galaxy Purple on a Prusa MK3s+ printer. After disassembling a lamp I made with this filament, I thought the filament would be better suited for jewelry or other fashion accessories. In this jewelry set, I added gold loops, gold glass beads, and citrine. I chose citrine as a stone, not just for its color. It is the birth stone for November, the month I was born.

I have made many pairs of earrings over the last few years. A gallery of some that were posted on the internet or are still available are shown below.

Inspiration for designs come from everywhere. Having the option to choose material for desired jewelry, at a nominal cost, is something I am glad has come into existence.

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