Free Software & Slicers for Desktop FFF* Printers

*Fused filament fabrication

Modeling SoftwareSlicersCombinationSlicer/ Printer Mgmt
3D CrafterCura3D BuilderKlipper/fluidd
FreeCAD Repetier Host Idea MakerOctoPrint
Wings 3D
Photo credit: Kt Ann
Pumpkin model

In the coming months, I will present a detailed description of each program listed above. For the programs containing modeling software, I will attempt to make a pumpkin with a short stem to determine if it is possible and how difficult it is to model if it is possible. Why a pumpkin with a stem? Because it seems easy, but trying to form a proper stem can be tricky. I may create videos for some of the attempts. Those will be posted on Desktop AM’s YouTube channel with links on the video page of this blog.

While researching this post, I learned one can learn to create a slicer from scratch. The team at FormForge, Nathan Fuller and Andy Baldwin, created an Instructable showing how to build your own slicer. However, their instructions are based on Autodesk’s Dynamo Studio, which was discontinued on June 7 of this year. Autodesk references Dynamo Sandbox as an opensource tool, but gives the following description : “Dynamo Sandbox is an open source environment for visual programming. Sandbox is a free download of our core technology that isn’t integrated into any other product, has limited functionality and is primarily for providing feedback on new features, development, and testing.”

I think people who have developed their own printer may find Dynamo Sandbox useful, if they are not already aware of its existence.

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