Thanksgiving 2020 3D Prints

My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. This is something I didn’t enjoy at all in the past. There were usually no events I wanted to attend as many places were closed. I don’t recall ever blowing out birthday candles on Thanksgiving. Anyway, it doesn’t matter this year. I have learned to see Thanksgiving as a day to celebrate being thankful. Instead of thinking of all the things I can’t do, I have decided to be thankful about all the things I can do.

One of the things I can do is print things on my 3D printer. I gathered a few 3d models from around the web and added a few models I designed myself for this special occasion. One model is a scalable Horn of Plenty as I feel abundance is a universal gift, visible to those with open minds.

I wish you a happy day of being thankful on November 26!

Cookie Cutter Set

I increased the size of three of these Cookie Cutter models to 1.2%. They were designed by TeamOliva and come in a set as a free download on Thingiverse. I think they would be good for hand pies too.

Link to Creative Commons License.


Admittedly, metallic gray does not suggest bounty from the earth; however it was the one plentiful filament I had that was not assigned to another project. A little putty and some paint will have it looking perfect by Thanksgiving 2021.

The free model is available on PrusaPrinters.


The photograph on the right, from Midwest Living, inspired the creation of these candlesticks. I loved the idea of replacing candles with squash. I thought it was the epitome of simple elegance. I did not have time to search antique stores as suggested in the photo description, so I created digital models and printed them.

35 Ideas for Easy Thanksgiving Decorating

The 3d print models are available from my store 3D And Dowel.

Retro Candlesticks by Sandra James

Tic Tac Pumpkin

This looked to be a fun set to have when waiting for food to arrive at the table. The small pieces are stored loosely within the hollow of the pumpkin, even though they are stackable. I scratched my head a little, trying to figure out the reason, but the good thing is that it is a free model that can be redesigned if so desired.

This model was designed by Craeen and is available on Thingiverse. Link to Creative Commons License.


There is nothing particularly Thanksgiving related about this nutcracker. I needed one to crack the nuts I purchased for the harvest display and I wondered how well this design works. As you can see from the photo above, it cracks hazelnuts. It is much more efficient than using the bending metal crackers. Exploding shell bits are fairly well contained.

This model was made by Design5 from Cults. Link to model.

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