Chair Design Series, Part 3

The chair is nearly ready for printing. I will try to choose one of the filament colors from above this week as Atomic Filament has a sale going on now. First, I must estimate how much filament is needed. I will do that by cutting the chair into parts and placing the parts in Cura.

I plan to use a chain across the back of the chair for stability. It is a bit odd, but I think it will work. I will attempt to print the ends and chain as one piece. The front will be two or three sections. I am thinking that I will embed the chain about 3/4″ into the front or hold the front together with pins. The bottom of the sides will be printed as one piece with the seat and leg top.

Other changes I made were: Beveled some edges; replaced skirt with 6″ truss; moved legs to bottom of seat; tapered the legs; decreased height of legs by 1″ to accommodate a cushion. I plan to make a cushion using colorFabb LW PLA filament. CNC Kitchen on YouTube demonstrated properties of the new filament in a video last month.

Note: I did not make an instructional video for this final draft.

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