Contemporary Lamp

The inspiration for this lamp emerged from the raft generated during printing of table brackets. I know it’s odd, but that’s what happened. When I peeled the raft from the print I thought it looked like a double-sided spade. It reminded me of home decor I saw in a magazine while waiting in a doctor’s office. I said to myself, “This shape looks so fluid. What can I make with it?” This lamp was the first thing I made. The second thing is a table decor piece that I will print as soon as I have settled modifying my printer enclosure filter assembly.

All model parts were printed on a Creality CR-10 mini printer in Prusa galaxy purple filament. The lamp shade was purchased from Destination Lighting. The lamp is 28 inches in height (including finial) and has a 5 3/4″ diameter (minus shade). I purchased the harp, cord, and sockets from my local hardware store. I learned about making lamps from Instructables tutorials.

I hope my lamp inspires you to expand your thinking about 3d printing decor for your home.

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