Chair Design Series, Part 2

I find metric system numbers easier to deal with when designing and printing; therefore, I converted inches to centimeters. Normally, I type “inches to mm” in Google browser and Google’s tool pops up. If you use a different browser, click here for an easy conversion tool.

I plan to add cushioning to the seat. The cushion will be an experiment I want to try printing after I have completed retrofitting my printer enclosure. The seat height will remain the same regardless of the experiment results. I will write more about the experiment in the next post or the one following.

One adjustment I made contradicts Must Have Measurements For Comfortable Seating and recommendations. My seat angle adjustment is negative as the chair I sit in most often is tilted forward. I do have a chair where the back of the seat is lower than the front, but that chair is not comfortable when my feet are on the floor. I need to use the foot rest in order to be comfortable.

The parts for this chair will be printed on a 300 x 220 mm print bed with PLA filament. I will begin factoring in changes to accommodate this aspect in part 3.

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