Display Table


This is a relatively easy table to make using the 3D printed brackets I designed.
Besides having a place to display crochet pieces, making the table myself allowed me to curve the corners. If you are into Black Hat Feng Shui, then you know that sharp corners create arrow ch’i. Arrow ch’i “causes great upheaveal in the invisible land of ch’i, slinging all sorts of erratic energy out into the room,” according to Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

wross shapeways
Support shapeways

The great thing about this table is that you can design it how you like by keeping principles of wood strength in mind. I wanted a small table and started with 1/4 inch plywood for the top, but found that it sagged at 16 inches in length and 12 inches in width. I switched to 1/2 inch plywood and that proved to be sturdy enough for my purposes. The Sagulator on the WoodBin woodworking website helps with determining size.

The brackets are made for 1 inch dowels, vertically and 1/2 inch dowels, horizontally. I used 1/2 inch wood screws.

Initially, I requested 3D prints of the top brackets in PLA. The dowels required a lot of sanding to fit the PLA prints. I found it best to print the brackets using strong and flexible plastic, which is available through Shapeways. The strong and flexible material brackets fit without having to make any adjustments to the wood. The PLA tended to crack, especially when screwing the nails into the wood. This was not the case at all with the strong and flexible plastic. It worked just as if I had gotten the brackets from a hardware store.


Build the Table

1. Cut wood pieces.


2. Apply iron-on veneer to top using aluminum foil or craft paper as buffer between iron and veneer.



3. Attach display bracket to bottom of table top.DSCN0536


4. Attach legs to brackets with wood screws.DSCN0538


5. Assemble support brackets and 1/2 inch dowels. Attach support assembly to legs.DSCN0540




6. Insert dowels into sleeves on craft piece. Slide craft piece onto table.

(Crochet piece in photograph is based on Granny Variation Afghan pattern by Lion Brand)

7. Place dowels into display bracket supports. Turn table upright. Finished.DSCN0545


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