3D Shilp Matki Print

I found the .stl file for this vase on Thingiverse. I loved its color, shape, and decoration. Since I had blue filament leftover from the hamper stool print, I thought I would use it for this. It is perfect for the relationship gua in my place; where my television and main cable connection is located. Karen Rauch Carter stated in her book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, “The color cobalt blue is said to have EMF negating properties, which may be a good idea for all those computer cords and screens.”

DSCN1852PLA prints are porous unless they are finished with some type of waterproofing, so I did not put water directly in the vase. I put a glass vial in the vase and filled it with water in order to display fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are another tool for the relationship area according to Karen, “Dandelions from the crack in the sidewalk, or long-stem roses – if they’re beautiful, fragrant, or full of life to you, they’ll work here.”

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