Hanging Jewelry Box


Jewelry boxes

Render of Basic Jewelry Box version 2

While I am waiting for parts that needed to be reordered for the hamper stool project, I printed a jewelry box I designed and re-designed a few times. I know it would have been prudent to print the casings for the hamper stool during this time because there are so many of them, but what’s the fun in that?

The jewelry box consists of four parts; base, top, top drawer, and bottom drawer. It can be hung on the wall with four Command Hanging Strips (that’s what I did) or there are keyhole openings in the back for screws. The top can be attached to the base with glue. The top drawer was about 2 mm too tall at the top when I printed it. I made the adjustment to the .stl file, but I have not printed it again for testing. In the photo, the top drawer is at the bottom and the bottom drawer is at the top.

DSCN1742I made the ring holders using foam rollers and 1 1/2″ velvet ribbon. I attached the ribbon to the roller with hot glue. I was perplexed about how I would go about getting ring holders the proper size to fit in the openings. I searched online for a while, finding many, but none that were the right size. Then I wondered if I could make them myself. I searched YouTube and lo and behold, there were many videos about how to make them. The one I found to be the most informative is below.

I am going to make one more print project with this mint filament before I change to the clear filament needed for the hamper stool project. I will post about that project next.

Links to files in Google Drive

Jewelry box base
Jewelry box top
Top drawer (subject to change)
Bottom drawer
License – Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike 3.0

Velvet Frame Ring Holder

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