Hamper Stool Project, Part 5

The frame is almost together. The roll of filament I ordered on Sunday arrived yesterday. I have three more parts to print for the bottom. However, I do not have enough hardware to finish putting the parts together. I ordered more yesterday and hopefully it will arrive before the end of next week.

I wanted to use small screws and bolts for this project, so I bought all the 4M flat head and hex screws I found at my local Home Depot. I was not sure how many I needed until I joined the mistake pieces together. There was originally one hole for joining the top and bottom pieces, but I found it was necessary to double the number of holes. I thought I needed to increase the number of holes for the front, back, and side casings as well until I printed two parts yesterday. I found it was not necessary. I then had a proper count of how many screws are needed; 44 – M4 x 16mm button or hex bolts, 54 – M4 x 14mm flat head bolts, 92 washers, 92 4M nuts, and 16 #6 x 1″ wood screws.

DSCN1738I still have one other item to order and that is filament for the spiral fill. It turns out that the color filament needs to be translucent in order to get the shiny, reflective, transparent effect I’m going for. Regular color filament is too opaque.

After I print the remaining bottom pieces, I will print another project I have been working on; a hanging jewelry box.

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