Hamper Stool Project, Part 3

After I printed the part shown above, I realized I needed to make decisions about the entire project before I printed another part. The printer was about 3/4 into the print before I realized I did not bring the hole all the way through. I could have stopped the print there to save some filament, but I thought it would be best to complete it; I may realize something I had missed. As it turned out, I decreased the center height and moved the dowel holder closer to the edges of the model for the next print. When I ordered more filament, I was reminded of how much it cost. It was definitely time to finalize the design and make it as accurate as I possibly could. That is what I did today. The render of the model is below.

The model shows casters, a hinge, dowels. and a top. I plan to use a 17″ x 12″ piece of pine and the 2″ diameter x 18″ long dowels I have leftover from a previous project. I bought a hinge from Home Depot and screws to attach the casings. I will get the casters and additional screws later.

I hope to have the bottom and top completed within two weeks. After that, I will print the casings. The casings go completely around the hamper. I was thinking of putting a flat board on the back, but then I thought I could put all of the same color spiral inserts there and turn the hamper around to suit my mood. When I started this project, I couldn’t decide whether to make all the same color or multi-colors. Now it is no longer a dilemma.

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